About my blog and I

I'm Helen and I'm a movie and TV buff. I'm into anything TV-seris wise from the seventies to the nineties, while I mostly prefer movies from the fifties and earlier. My peculiar preference for such dated TV series and movies is mostly because I'm old enough to be your mother! Blogging is just something I do on the side so don't take my words too seriously.

The name of this blog comes from the word "shakira" meaning to be "thankful" in Arabic. No, it has nothing to do with pop singer Shakira like you probably thought initially. I've been in love with Ancient Egypt and the Arab culture of the Mediterranean Levant since I was in my teens (only a couple of decades ago - wink, wink), and I have gone as far as to live in Cairo with my husband for 12 years -- we only recently got back home two years ago!

I'm not fond of putting my personal details online but if you want to contact me, then please send me an email to shakiraa - at - house-of-shakira.nu

Best wishes to all!